Wichita 3 man Stats???
Anybody Doing them this year?? Sid??? bluzilla

Congrads are in order!
im gettin dressed right now but thought i might mention to everyone that our lovable huggable neighborhood negro, Bullseye, is getting married today. everybody give him a hollar t...

fu still hurts but......slc props
wow...running a tournament what a motherfucking experience...learned alot and im definitely glad i got to do this before i gotta holster since that time may come ALOT sooner than i had thoug...

Yet another Stats post my Ender (semi finals/SLC)
I would have posted finals too, but I only have 2 of the teams. Anyone from the springs team, if you want to get me your score cards, I'll do finals. Semis number one: Score...

LOL, new revolutionary budget strategy!
WASHINGTON, DC-President Bush proposed a $2.4 trillion election-year budget Monday that would boost defense spending, redistribute funds among government programs, and cross out the $477 bil...

FA: Q-2000, Qtek, Qzar Professional Laser tag equipment
Greetings, I am parting out a bunch of q-2000 / Qtek vests I have two listed now (a red one and a green one). I have lots of parts and chargers, network modules, etc etc I w...

Do you CARE if you are Cheating?
I have been playing tournaments now for about 5 years, not as long as some, but more than most. Tournament play was always a cut above the rest. It was always the cream of the cro...

test -- -Goof! Mule 1 of 3 Golden Twinkie '03 2nd Wichita 3-man '02 3rd Lincoln 5-man '01 3rd ToT '02 4th Michigan 3-man '02 4th Lincoln 5-man '02

I am NOT Tavas...
I am NOT Tavas... ...I am RICK JAMES, bitch!

Servo's slc props<--
I want to start by saying, this was probably one of the best run tourneys I've played at, even if I've only been to a few. The packs were somewhat uneven, but that happens at almost every to...

1st Annual Phoenix 4 - Man Draft!!!
Holy shit, Phoenix is having a tournament!!! I had a meeting with my GM yesterday and we went over the details on the tournament that Phoenix will be holding in August. This is a ...

Help Needed
I'm in need of a new ISP (it's causing an error). Evidently my computer won't allow me to log on to the internet anymore, so I'm cancelling my ISP and getting a new one. Keep in mind I can...

SLiC notes
Just some quick notes - Congratulations to Chasz, Heartless and Ex! Well played guys. I'm just glad I got to play Heartless when he had (I assume) pack 23/33. Fu, thanks f...

Wichita 3man status!?!
i was just wanting to know how many teams signed up by the deadline. we should have had 3 teams call in from DFW, but we *might* have a 4th team if it would be possible to still get them in...

laser tag what?
jesus christ i havnt talked on these for the longest but the truth is that it is such a bitch to get on them now that i got this cable modem. i guess its cause ive been on aol and its jus be...

SliC Towers kung fu.
I'm sore as hell and that flight was ghetto cramped. Anyway, requisite post tourney shout outs: First and foremost to Kungfukid and the SLC crew, with a little Birdcage on ...

Irishman is a bitch
Fuck you donkey ass bitch. You aint shit. I didn't know dey had computers in prison. Mothafucking soap droping ho, you know you just a weak ass bitch. Mothafucka's be getting down aroun...

I am the hardest nigga on the block
You nigga's aint got shit compared to me. For real bitch, i'm the real mcoy up in this shit. I'm da best lq playa in da mothafucking hood you trick ass bitch's. You aint got shit. Fuck a...

Any more Vegas stats???
just curious if Semis and finals were gunna be up at all??? Lollipop LQ Houston nine deadly venoms.

Do you know you're cheating??
I was in a thread just today and someone made a post that concerned me. This person clearly didn't understand that his style of play was illegal. I think sometimes people like to use the "co...

Mesa Mixer 2004 - March 26th
I would have posted earlier...but they just finally gave me the date. Friday, March 26th Starting at Midnight Tower Lock Format Draft Teams Warm up Games

Common Sense!!!!
> Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend by the name of Common Sense who has been with us for many years. > No one knows for sure how old he was since his birth reco...

HEy chow or MV players
This is Cypress from SLC I am living out in Pismo beach, Cali now ANd I will be up that way Tomorrow and the next day(thurs and Fri) night I was wondering if you could make to LQ to pla...

Wichita 3 man deadline!!
The registration deadline was yesterday, but I know some of you missed it. I got it extended until this Sunday, Feb. 22. They need a $50 deposit, but even if you don't have the deposit, call...

LQ Fantasy Baseball
It's that time again, folks. Most of the trades are done, the Yankees have spent their $190 million, and spring training is about to start. Which also means for those of you stat dork...

NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament
Would anyone be interested in participating in a bracket pool? The pool would simply be for fun, compiled of LQ players only. Post here if you would be interested and I'll see what I can g...

anyone know of a good laser tag game in Toronto? thx, yt

The New "No Wood" Rule at NAC
Despite several emails to Thirlwall, I'm still worried about the written rule on this thing. It states that players may no longer hide their laser behind part of the maze, no matter how far ...

www.lazertag.com -- back ... again?
Tiger is bringing back Lazer Tag ... again? Anyone know anything about this? http://www.lazertag.com

Yeah, I sent them my annual letter. Can't wait for their annual rejection, lol. Good news is that there's a shot at a small article in ESPN the magazine about NAC. Sportsc...

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