Hotels at Western Regionals 2004...
I think most people remember those cool suites right across the street from LQ. My opinion is that everyone should stay here, despite a small increase in cost. Anyway, here's the info I foun...

Laserquest world Challenge 2004
>THis message is from IDNT posted on LQArena: Thank you for expressing an interest in the WLC 2004. This e-mail is being sent out because we are aware that there has been no ...

NAC practice question...
it was brought to my attention by one of the PLANO members that NAC practices are only suppose to be SOLO missions - in fact, PLANO was told on their first practice night that they could not...

Lincoln, Tulsa, OKC!!
Are any of you interested in a scrimmage here? I thought it would be a good halfway point between the Oklahoma centers and Lincoln, and we could throw a team in there as well. I know Lincoln...

Southern Scrimage Updates....
Ok so far this is what I have gathered... Post up anything else that might be brewing up. May 16th NRH at Austin with Austin B May 16th Houston a...

South Scrimmages if you wanna go to austin
Since the Team Capt. for austin will not be able to attend some of the practices due to other things going on, and prev. made plans. i'm trying to get a good date for every center in texas t...

Hey San Antonio!!!!!
vince or paul or whoever...are you guys playing this sunday, and if so...what time? Lolli 9DV

NAC Stats, past, present and future
Yo everybody... I noticed some people said that corporate's web site re-design now has resulted in elimination of some of the NAC statistics. I know I've been quiet lately, but I have prett...

South Scrimmage?
===> What ever happened to that Southern region scrimmage that was supposed to be going down in Mesquite sometime in May? Did everyone just blow that off, or are we just not invited? Or... ....
where have all the old rankings and standings gone from all of the NAC's ?? I want to see who ranked what etc...

Lq website
yeah i saw that

Fairview Park Tonight 4/24/04
Hey guys, I will be heading to Fairview Park tonight around 8pm if anyone is interested in a few games. If not then I will just have to beat on the public hehe. Hope to...

New regional predictions now that tryouts are over with
Now that tryouts are finished I have a better picture of the blood bath known as the south. 1. Houston Good players Better teamwork they will take it. 2. Lincoln Top half is uber god b...

Richard Cheese > All Enjoy! PainTrain "There's something in my front pocket. Give it a squeeze and say 'How do ya dooooo?"

Triple Quests
Spam had asked me which teams had the most triple quests against each other - since I did the work for him, I thought I'd post the result for the one or two other people like us who might gi... - "flashy"
Okay, so who designed the new LQ website?? A lot of flash there. (Although I did have to turn off the audio pretty quickly). And the NAC archives are jacked up. But I like the effort put...

maybe next year...
the regional borders will be made in such a way that every team can send the same number of teams to NAc NO matter who shows up or not... The best way to do this would be to decide who...

Beta Testing
I was going through some of my old old LQ stuff and found some pics from a long while back when they were testing some software here at LQ. If you want, check out the pics here http://66.19...

Cleveland Area LQ's, and Hetfield:
I'm going to be in Cleveland on business from Monday, May 3rd to Thursday, May 6th. There's a chance I'll stay the weekend if I can get someone like Hetfield to come down and hang out with m...

NBA playoff rundown
twolves over denver sacremento over mavs twolves over sacremento spurs over memphis lakers over houston spurs over lakers spurs over twolves...

LQ Potheads
4/20/04 Enjoy your day =) 0 0 7

Austin Team
Tryouts are done. Here is the team: (listed in order of tryout finish) Psygnosis Daydream Unforgiven Loaf Big Hurt 00 Fatboy Myst Phields ...

smack off....TODAY!
The smack-off is today. Listen to Rome if you're a man that likes sports. My money's on Jeff from Phoenix (on a car phone), with Otis from Austin a close second. WAR Ph...

slc 2004
slc a team 2004 1. raven 2. shaggy 3. kriz 4. broken 5. star 6. tos 7. camel 8. tidus 9. goose 10. dano we had 14 people tryout. only...

New Phoenix Captain!!
Please divert all shit talk and cheating/stacking accusations to Zebra. He will be taking over the captaining responsibilities for Team Phoenix this year. Zebra, two time NAC Cham...

Salt Lake Regionals/Maps
I tossed mine away, and I'm not looking forward to running any recon at regionals to make a new map (but I will if I have to). Is there a chance anyone has a map of the Salt Lake City towers...

Salt Lake Regionals/Hotel
I was told that we *had* to stay at the hotel/suites that a bunch of teams stayed at last year - right across the street from LQ. Anyone know the name of this place, or if any deals are setu...

Who wants their very own Player's Code?
Alright guys, I'm going to sell off my big ass player's code sign. Remember when they changed the wording? This was the original sign from the lobby of the Las Vegas, Nevada location. Sen...

Uleb! Your day has arrived! It's today, feller. PainTrain "Isn't work over yet?"

NBA Playoff Predictions
East: Indiana over Boston New Orleans over Miami Detroit over Milwaukee New Jersey over New York Indiana over New Orleans Detroit over New Jersey Detroit...

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