Austin 4 Man n' Stuff.....
The Pyros had their meeting yesterday and it looks like we will likely be sending two teams to the Austin 4 Man (8 players). They're all from the A Team. We're not stacking, or anything like...

If yOu know what CounterStrike is
THis is a Must see to anyone who knows anything about computer gaming ENJOY

The 4th Annual Austin 4 man
It's official. The Austin 4 man is scheduled for August 14th. As always, it'll be lock-in style, starting at midnight saturday and going far too late into the morning. Cost this year i...

Phoenix Tournament Update!
1st Annual Phoenix Draft Tournamant (4-Man) When: Friday, August 20th at 9pm Where: LaserQuest Phoenix Cost: $35.00 per player Type: Draft Style 4-Man Tourney ...

Local Teams In Armageddon
The Ultimate Armageddon Opportunity So you've always wanted to play in the big tournament, but you don't have the dollars to make it happen? Well, my friend, you're in luck....

Off Topic : Federal Election Commission This pisses me the fuck off. 3rd page 3rd column Ele...

Newest Mystical Order of the Twinkie member!
It is with fully belly that I bring news of a bright new star in the MoT family. Azzazzin from Houston has proven himself worthy of membership in a grueling battle against The Big...

GNC Sucks dot com --> find out why !!
Find out what thousands have already: GNC SUCKS !! They sell redated products endangering YOUR health all for the sake of lining their pockets with YOUR money. Commission based...

Todd Bertuzzi finally speaks out candidly regarding Steve Moore sucker punch
Todd Bertuzzi finally speaks out candidly regarding Steve Moore sucker punch - a humourous take.... or is it ?? Photo is UN-DOCTORED:

Ohio LQ People....
Looks like my company is sending me back to Ohio! This time, I'll be un Columbus, Ohio. Not sure if anyone (Mighty Mouse?) lives near there, but that's where I'll be. I'd love to hit <...

BOTR Information
I am happy to announce that this years Best Of the Rest tournament is once again, BACK, in Oklahoma City. The date is September 4th. Goof & myself decided on it being a 6-man team tournament...

Austin 4 Man
When is the Austin 4 man? Thanks, Jammer LQ OKC

Solo's props.
Well its been a week and I finally found the time to sit and think about last weekend. Overall, the tounament started on time (playoffs started early) I didnt have to call a marshall for pac...

Phoenix B Team 2004
I just wanted to make a seperate post and give some props to our B Team, The SCRUBS. (Suprisingly Clevor Really Underestimated B Squad) Going back to before tryouts, it looked like the...

~X~ on the Southern Region 04
well damn... that was about the most fun i've had at a tournament... every game was a blast, Everybody was cool and no one (at least from what i saw) was assholish to anyone else... heh, i h...

Capri's South Regional PROPS!!!!!
Ok, Another year past and yet again I decided to be a nice guy again and put up my props for the tourney! So here we go... LQ Crew: Thanks for hosting a great ...

BOTR Alumni Observations
===> I just wanted to point out that at least two (arguably three) of this year's most improved teams Southern teams--regional *champions* NRH and consolation round winners Tulsa--were ...

To all you haters that said it couldn't be done.....
Pistons 4 Lakers 1 take your "the Spurs v. Lakers series is for the championchip" and your "the east has no chance in hell" BS and shove it up your ass. The title is in the city ...

Southern Regional Props
Obviously this was my favorite regionals. Not only because we won but because the mesquite crew did an awesome job of keeping everything on time, and the marshals for calling the games as f...

Best of the Rest 2004?
Our B Team has shown interest in this. Any idea when or where it will be? 0 0 7

Congrats NRH
Hey Guys, I wanted to congratulate you all on your hard fought and well earned victory this year in Southern regionals. I, unfortunately had to leave after regionals win or lose,...

Malice's West Props
(x-posted on LQA) First - the tournament was run incredibly well! Not a single replay, they were ahead of schedule all weekend, and the packs were great! There was a real desire t...

Congratulations to the west!!!
Way to go Springs for making it to the finals for the first time. :) And congrats to Phoenix, too, seriously. Heidi

Lee / Austin
Hey man, Matt told me you were asking about me. I was being lazy and didn't get over there.I did want to see you and the rest of my Austin peeps tho, hell y'all are my fav. team (after NRH)....

Where are all the Laker fans???
Wow, that was pathetic. Should have been a sweep; the Pacers were a better team than the lakers. Atleast that piece of shit Malone won't get a ring. Colombo LQ Houston 9DV ...

NRH to receive oral from me !!!!
I talked to some NRH peeps on the phone Sat. and told them (knowing that NRH has never won a tourney in our life) that if they won regionals I would service them orally.I'm stocking up on Li...

Down with LA!
Just checked the score at the end the third quarter......O M G! Solo NRH 98 99 00 01 02 03 04 S.R.C. x1 "Defense wins championships"

Thoughts on the new Shot Cap
hmm... losing 2-3 standing points in the prelims by about 150 points... against teams that are notable for going over the previous shot cap... i know i don't like it anyone ...

Western proppers 2004 by Chow xposted to LQA
Well another regionals under the belt, and a good one at that. Marshalling: Great job. Tons of experienced marshalls and not afraid to make calls or pull cards (I should know stupid ...

Team Westland Team Apology
I just wanted to apologize to all the teams that attended the North Region this year. After the final championship game was played and the players realized where there team finished Tea...

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