28 Jan 2004 00:54:14
top ten list (by loaf)

top ten reasons your lq teamis not going to make it to try outs....

10) no one remembers where the center is

9) no on has picked up a pack in 6 months

8) you hear "whats this do" when you see one of your team mates pick up an hhu

7) 3 words - too much beer

6) you have a new gm who dosen't know what nac is

5) massive email sent out to your team saying "screw lq, lets go get some

4) half of your team last year is unaccounted for

3) the other half of your team is damaged in some fashion

2) you hear some one say "what do you mean try outs are 20 dollars a night?"

1) screw lq its football season!!

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29 Jan 2004 03:43:50
Re: top ten list (by loaf)

::golf claps:: Nice. Very Nice

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