30 Oct 2003 01:19:39
whens the next tournament ...

Is V5M the next tournament for the west?
When is the Lincoln 5 Man?
Who do you think would be the best Halloween themed 5 man
team....(hey that rhyms)?

My 5 picks
1.Freddy Krugger (hes fast & goes for the kill)
2. The Leprachun (short & fast, also tricky)
3.HellRaiser (He'd just rule)
4. Jason (hes slow but he big & would take off
your head then leave your bady there for the rest of the team to
shot...err tag)
5. And finally a hot chick vampire wearing tight
leather & sexy to death,....she could come in handy dontcha think.

JustaPyro Denver
Team Flawed

Wassup Guys long time no see.