28 Jul 2003 09:55:56
Marc Evans
When does the season usually start?

Sorry all - clueless question from a ski virgin coming up ...

I'd like to go skiing this year in the US during December but I don't know
if there's going to be any snow by then. I'm looking at a package to
Heavenly - can anyone tell me what conditions have been like there during
December in recent years?

Alternatively can anyone recommend somewhere where snow is good at that

And just for future reference is there a normal ski season when you can
generally expect to find good snow? I know that it's going to depend a lot
on the resort location but what would the outside boundries normally be?



29 Jul 2003 10:35:43
Marc Evans
Re: When does the season usually start?

That's just what I was after - thanks. Looks like a bit of a lottery - I'll
keep an eye on things as the year progresses and work out when to book
nearer the time.