04 Jan 2004 12:16:37
Brenda G. Kent
heli-skiing, snowmobiling and the extinction our B.C. Caribou

Please reconsider when you think about heli-skiing in Northern B.C.

The heli-skiing, snowmobiling harrassing our near extinct caribou herds
causes them to leave their traditional feeding grounds (lichens on old
growth trees) and starve to death looking for other sources.
Caribou are not abundant breeders.

The logging roads into old growth areas are also allowing wolves to get to
the caribou...dwindling them further.

Ontop of all that....the B.C. Government considers Wolf culls to raise the
stocks of Caribou. We are killing wolves due to our own greed.

Please reconsider if your recreation is more important than the extinction
of a whole species.

B.C. resident.