Angel 4 released Looks pretty frikkin awesome. If only I had oodles of money... Oh and they added electronic debounce for SCM ;)

Touch Up Paint
Does anybody know if there is any such thing as touch up paint for anodized guns? If so who makes etc. and where could I buy it online etc. If there is no such thing and you know HOW to touc...

Black Magic vs. Mini-Black Magic
What's the figgin' difference ? Which is better and why ? Are all the upgrades available on the Black Magic still available to the mini ?

Angel On eBay for $152.50
I saw this while surfing eBay. Just thought y'all might be interested. If you want it... place your bids now.

It Ain't Easy Being 17
Read the first note in green. Very funny! -- Mofaz "Never interrupt your enemy when...

Honesty and eBay
I commend this guy for being 100% honest about the condition of this WGP Sniper II. --

Own Your Own Dollar Store!
This is ridiculous! ...And this guy cannot even type well enough to make it all believable. -- ...

Paintball Rifle Custom made The Reserve Price is set at 150 that just covers the parts. It has a 5 inch spread at 150...

Hydrostatic Testing
While reading the many replies to my post "Pure Energy and Penile-Instinct", concerning hydrostatic testing I decided to look at my own tank. Although, I am still a bit confused. My tank j...

OT very OT... Mail Bombs
I opened my email this morning to find, in the period of about an hour, to have recieved 25+ emails with substantially large attachments, all from a "Pauline Kelly", regarding some microsoft...

How often do you play?
Everyday? week? month? year?

zap deviant paint?
Hey. found this at a local department store. Anyone know anything about this paint? I doubt it's fantastic (35.00 a case) but I thought it may be good for knockaround games and target ...

Not Exactly Bambi
I caught the tail end of a segment on CNN Headline News today about something called Shoot The Freak. It looked like it was set up on a boardwalk somewhere, maybe Atlantic City. Anyway, it...

The RAM and .40 Caliber P-balls Are Cheaper
I've decided to purchase a RAM (third generation, which is less expensive than the newer fourth generation models), rather than an Armotech. Two reasons result in my decision: 1) The real...

Pure Energy and Penile-Instinct
I want to know what you all think of this auction (and the seller's name). It sounds like a good deal. You get a good tank, same type I already have and love, plus a Dye Precision black tan...

Shoot the freak
I saw a carnival game on CNN today. They dress a guy up in pads and a shield at Coney Island and let people shoot 15 paintballs at him for $5.00. Yes, he's wearing a mask. Of cour...

Need a gun. also Do you live in Alberta?
Hey first, Any suggeston on a starter gun? I dont want to spend alot of money I still need to buy googles and other stuff. also does anyone live in Alberta? say in Fort Saskatchewan or near...

Real OLD marker on eBay 707
Think this is original? Where on the net did the guy read about it? Is "written on" meant to be "stamped on"?

Help please
Okay I was placed in charge of a paintball activity during a youth rally (the Pulsefest is a 7 hour christian rock concert, the night before it our church has an all night camping party. We...

FA: ICD Boomstick,WGP Sniper Package,Pelican Case
bushmaster boomstick WGP Sniper Pump Package ...

Halo tsa or tsa lcd any good?
I've got a e-99 that i need to get an loader for (a hopper just ain't working). Which should I get? halo Tsa halo Tsa lcd theres a 10$ diff

Picking a marker, when Money is not an issue??
Hello Happy Painball group! I have a thought for you to ponder. How or what paintball marker and associated of goodies would you purchase if cost were truely not an issue. <...

Ebay: Rebel 02 Xtreme w/Mask & Hopper
Selling this gear on ebay. Here's the link. 9384 If you know anyone who might be interested just le...

Register your opinions (App0721)
We are trying to determine the personal positions of individuals on some highly contentious issues. To give us your anonymous judgments, please go to:

Older Paintball Magazines - AD
Gents: I came across a bunch of older Paintball Sports and APG Magazines in the basement a month or so ago (circa 1989 to 1994), all in EX/NM condition. Thought newer play...

.30 cal. Browning
Now, THIS, my friends is what Warp Feed was truly made for... -- Mofaz "Never interrupt your enemy when he i...

Best place in Paris
Hi ! I'm novice and I'd like to know what is the best place to play paintball in Paris ? Thanks. Bye. Wizard

Central NY Field
We are preparing to start our late summer league if anyone wants to play in central NY. We're in Ithaca. We are just entering the 3rd week of the summer league but are looking for players ...

Anti-fog gels? Help please
I was hoping someone might be able to help here. I know there are lots of different anti-fog gels on the market. One that springs to mind is SEA GOLD for diving masks. Does anyone know what ...

The M. Cater Brown paintball webpage buy-sell-old-rare-guns has pix of a Ninja LB listed under the 'two nightmares' recent post. What is signifigant is the pix of the Nightmare 68 LB tha...

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