32 Degrees Silver Bullet??
I've looked at this gun at a local shop, and was wondering if anyone has ever shot a 32 degrees silver bullet. it is semi electric (does single, 3 burst fire and full auto) and has a double ...

newbe question!!
Is it possible on a 98 custom to have a rt and flatline at the same time?

Damn good question!
What is a .45 frame anyway? I'm looking for an M16/M4/AR15 style grip for my WG-65 R.I.S., so I asked SOG Armory (www.sogarmory.com) if the standard AR15 grip (http://www.sogarmory.com/Prod...

weeeeeeeee 5th place!
Weee! just got 5th in a 10 man tourney yesterday! Weee! just got 5th in a 10 man tourney yesterday!

Hey, Folks! I'm Ignorant!
My new Armotech WG-65 R.I.S. has an electronic trigger frame. This is my first electronic gun, so I was wondering how it will fair in rain. I love playing in the rain, so I'm hoping this w...

Paintball Compressor Question
Can you guys tell me if it is possible to operate 16 paintball guns (Tippmann 98's) direct from a compressor allowing continual feed of air without having to install and replace for full air...

Are spyders worth it??
I am a newb looking to invest in my 1st semi auto marker. I am looking for a gun that is reliable, upgradeable, and under $150. Are the spyders a good choice for what I am looking for or s...

WTB: Used Spyder 4 newB

Armotech equipment on eBay
Now, this is just ridiculous (look at the photographs): http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3627861516&indexURL=1&photoDisplayType=2#ebayphotohosting --

A-5 ailing, asking assistance
Took a friend of mine to play for the first time today. He was borrwing my backup gun, my A-5, and having a great time. After a game, he comes over and tells me that nothing is coming out ...

Any Ballers from the UK?
Hey everyone! I was just wonderin if there was anyone from the uk around! i see a lot of american stuff on the net but not much UK stuff! it's always being said that paintball is a rapidly g...

Bushmaster or Omen?
Gonna start saving up for a gun for serious rec play and novice tournies, and have pretty much narrowed it doen between the Evil Omen or a comparitively priced one of the Bushman series. The...

Upgrading..Tips? help?
I just got a paintball gun from the pawn shop a couple days ago..we bargin the gun at a good 50 dollars, and bs about how it comes in a package so we got the mask,gun,tank, and some pb balls...

fuck ass

This University might take you SCM!!!!!!!!!
http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail26.html Sign up hurry!!!!

Re: F-2 Illustrator Question
Thanks guys! Looks like it was the O-rings on the bolt. I haven't gotten the perfect replacements yet, but just putting in some better ones helped a lot. I think I was able to check the cup ...

Well i dont know what that is and yeah iam only Czech and say something about my counrty and ill kill u ok got that.And now whats a troll or what u mean by troll???Im just a person who wanna...

Searching the Net...
I did a search on my name the other night for shits n giggles, and found quite a few links on paintball pages to my pages, some of which are from people around these parts. If you...

For Mofaz, Mike, et al
Not trying to restart the argument, but have a look at this commercial. I just thought it was funny. Wish we saw stuff like this in the US! http://korbatz.venture.org.pl/kid....

F-2 Illustrator Question
I recently found and old F2 in a closet and I'm trying to get it up and running for some friends to borrow. I'm hoping someone here might have owned a F-2 some time in the past and could ans...

wanted: sirous paintball player roc, NY
my teammate and I are looking for a 13 year old paintball player who will be willing to spend at least $210 on a gun (32 degrese icon) and loader (halo TSA)and play in a speedball leuge and ...

Did you ever bought a paintball gun fom ebay? www.superstreetonline.com

Hey! Old Guys! (and magazine collectors...)
When I was much younger (lets say between '88-'92) I had a copy of Action Pursuit Games (IIRC) that had an article about converting a long-barrelled Nightmare to a spring-fed feed system by ...

So how many want to own this baby?
http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2432601336&category=6256#ebayphotohosting Pretty sweet!

Worst paintball day...EVER!
Well, I just wanted to tell a story about my personally worst day of paintball (and I admit a few of the things had to do with my own pure stupidity)....It all happened last night... So...

How many times ......
Hey wus up??? How many times do you get your paintball gun fixt in a year???and how much do you pay for it?Some of the paintball guns suck.Do you think its better to buy new one then f...

OT: flat earth
In another post I mentioned what I, at first, believed to be a completely made up society, which I called the flat earth society, web page found at www.flatearthsociety.org, but alas, I was ...

OT: This is us
Stolen from another newsgroup, who in turn stole it from another news group, who happend to steal it from a guy. How many message board members does it take........ ...to change a...

recommended gun for around 400 bucks??
I have a tipp. 98 (not custom) thats been giving me problems, it's loud, doesn't shoot straight and for some reason, wastes air like nothing (didn't always waste air) friends had these guns ...

first tech support to tippmann
wow that was cool. The metal loop on the endcap of my a5 came off -- you can use it to hook a sling or whatever. I lost it in a game somehow. Talked to a nice lady and the're ship...

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