Distance of your gun?
Hey wus up??? I seen this gun and it had 150 feet only is it good?Whats the distance of your gun.Whats the distance of the spider gun enyone knows??Whats the good distance of guns aroun...

Is 150ft a lot?
Hey wus up people? I was looking at some guns and there was this gun and it hase 150ft distance is that a lot?Whats the distance of your gun? www.superstreetonline.com

Can u help me pick a gun?#2
Thanks for all the help but is M4 5.56mm a paintball gun?I just need a good gun with a good distance,around($250).Is sombody from Chicago?

Invision goggles
Ok, so I have my invision goggles and I like them a lot right? They're comfortable, they don't fog, yadda yadda yadda...... But how the heck do you get the stupid lenses out? I just want to ...

paintball muffler
HEy all, I remember seeing a paintball marker "muffler" on warpig that is used for teching and dry-firing your gun indoors. it just stuck on the end of your barrel. any...

One More Free Thing
While cleaning out my gear bag I discovered an old remote with one end broken and the other end with a quick disconnect. If anyone is interested I'll send them a quick disconnect. The remo...

V-Force masks in Los Angeles
I'm wondering if anyone knows of a paintball store in LA (preferably near Knotts Berry farm, but anywhere in driving distance is greatly appreciated) where they sell the Vforce Sheild mask, ...

Free 'Cocker Stock Ram 'n' More!
I pay for the shipping, which will be FedEx Express Economy Saver. I'm not only wanting to get rid of this ram, which has been used many times prior to being replaced, I also want to get ri...

new stuff
From Dye...world cup will blow you away when you see what Dye is coming on the scene with. go to world cup and be the first to get these things. :-)

OT: cats for adoption in NJ (from Big Habeeb)
I have 3 adult cats, all neutered and declawed up for adoption. Unfortunately the family who owns them is unable to keep them as they have moved into a no-pets apartment. THe kittys are...

New GT jerseys
Man, SP might not be the most honest group of people in the industry but they sure made us an awesome jersey. http://cyberbuzz.gatech.edu/paintball/images/914practice/jerseys.JPG ...

paintball help
Hey wus up guys??? Me and my friend wanna make are own paintball clup but the problem is that we dont know nothin about this sport.What kind a gun should i buy?Where do you buy ur thing...

Outlaw bruiser set for sale
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3626793190&ssPageName=ADME:B:LC:US:1 Its in mint condition and works great, but I just don't have time to play. ...

68 Caliber Logo Creation Contest!
Something new looms within the wake of things to come. 68Caliber.com is going to revamp its ideas and we are holding a contest within the community to see who can design the best, official 6...

Tippmann 98 Custom Problem
Ok, so I take my gun apart, everything is fine (or so it seems), I can cock it, and pull the trigger and fire it. But then when I put my gun back together (put the plain plate on top of it ...

Rat Attack Vehicle
Here are a couple of pictures I took of a fast attack vehicle I hacked together for a game coming up on the 25th and 26th of September. The gun on top is mounted on a 2 way bearing and is op...

Barrel/paint combos
Hi all. So far, I have found that for my Tippmann A5 w/14" All American barrel the Big Ball paint has been the most successful. Any recommendations as far as other tried combinations? ...

09.03.03 Practice video
http://cyberbuzz.gatech.edu/paintball/videos/fc0903.WMV (Jeff, it's 16 megs, so beware- your computer might explode). Here's some footage of the practice we had at Fat City in Senoia, ...

please help vote for miss jt usa
Hey one of the co owners who works at portland paintball is on the list of finalists to be the new jt girl... and if she wins, Portland Paintball will be "throwing a huge party going into th...

Pump / Stock class paintball marker?
Evening folks! I am seeking your input as to your thoughts on playing with pump markers. I have played with a couple of low end pumps nothing to speak of really. I have been...

Dude! I e-mailed you a while back about playin' some BF1942, but you never responded. Well, anyway... would you like to play tonight, Wednesday? -- Mofaz "Never inte...

FA: Mag Centerflag Hyperframe
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3626352027&category=47239 &rd=1

Tippman 98 custom vs. Spyder xt...hmmmm
Howdy, I'm 13 yrs old and have recently discovered paintball :). I've owned two pump guns and now am using a Brass Eagle Marauder.....(YuCk!) A friend has told me he fell in love ...

JT ProSheild
PBfanatics.com has this mask for $35. I was considering a ProFlex, but this is significantly cheaper. My main concern is fogging.. will the ProSheild give me the same kind of fog preventio...

How Fast is Fast enough?
Here's something I've always wondered, how fast do you feel you need to shoot to accomplish some of the following? 1: block a movement lane 2: score a kill against a target in the...

Rogue Wisconsin Paintball
Anyone in Minnesota or Wisconsin who lives near River Falls, Wisconsin who is interested: we will be hosting a game at Death Valley Field on Saturday, September 13, 2003. Game play will be...

Pumps VS Semis At the Fall Castle Conquest at EMR
SEP 27/28 Any one from here going to play this? I copied the info from the web site (www.emrpaintall.com) if you want to re...

OT: miami is a bunch of crap(so is ND, so is CU, and OU)
god dammit why do they hafta win, i hate every single one of those teams, and they had to win in comebacks.... arghh!!!! but hell my team won.... GO BIG RED!!! Nick

today Dyekidz took 2nd in BEST OF THE WEST series. Dyekidz are now in first for series totals and one more tourny to go in cot. Marcello gets better every day.

Looking for Teams to Sponsor
I own a small Online Paintball Store www.paintballse.com I am looking for teams to sponsor to help spread the word about our store. We can't offer any Free stuff but we can give ...

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