Um... Jeff? What on earth were you thinking?
Okay Jeff... time to stop living your secret life... ;) Folks with weak constitutions should skip this... cut-n-paste if necessary to get the link to work: http://www.5chan...

Is the Autococker dead?
Before we get started too far here, I have a confession to make: I like my autococker, there I said it! Point is, when I first started playing a couple of years ago, the autococker was the o...

Who's got a Sheridan Style Wood stocked paintball gun for me?
Looking to buy one!!! Let me know what you have and what you want for it! E-mail me: It keeps ...

Egg II
I just bought a new Egg II from ebay w/ the Y board. What's the advantages of picking up a Z board and throwing it in there? -- ...

Cheaper Material
Well I took a GOOD look at my T Ball trap today, and it just seems too bulky and heavy... I think I"m ready fr a new design. I'm thinkin PVC (inspired by those marker stands) Something...

OT: help paintball practice building comps
Ok basically here's the deal...I'm taking computer courses at Cittone and have gotten to the A+ hardware which we're learning all about how to build computers. Now, in order to...

HALO or Evo II for an Angel Speed?
If anyone has an opinion on whether a HALO or an Evo II is better on a Speed Angel let me know. I am breaking a lot of paint lately. I heard that HALO wont work on a Speed for some reason an...

Can we have a little help from the paintball community?
This is a petition to stop the city of New York from taking our right to posses or buy a paintball marker. Thanks to everyone who signs...

What does pwned mean?
What does pwned mean?

Binary: On Topic
01010010 01100001 01101110 01100100 01111001 00100000 01000111 01101001 01110110 01100101 01101110 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01100001 00100000 01100100 01101111 01110101 01100011 0...

Detecting Bombs Using Paintball Markers
Detecting Bombs Using Paintball Makers:

Largest Store in Northeast
What is the largest paintball store in the Northeast (including eastern New York)? I usually go to Hogan's Alley (Meriden, CT), but I also like to travel around and visit other stores (dang,...

Of course, there is the 300fps limit, but several fields in our area limit to 280fps. My son and I had generally set ours around 260fps, but recently I went to 280fps. Wouldn't you know that...

Replace Hopper with Electronic Loader
Considering replacing my gravity-fed hopper with an electronic loader. My setup is a Spyder Victor II, J&J Ceramic barrel, Crossfire 68/4500 HPA. This is mostly for playing the front in spee...

Quad City Area Paintball
Working on gathering players to play. Check out our website. It is small but we are working on it. Fill out the Enlistment Form if you are interested. paintballnetwork.home.mch...

DM4 Recalled

How to spend my money.
Is there much of a difference between around 270 fps and 300? I'm asking because I finally managed to save some money up, and trying to decide whether to go for a standard A5 with Flatline o...

Paintball insurance
I heard a nasty rumor today. A local field said that there will only be 1 paintball insurance company in the US as of May 1st. And they tripled his prices! Has anybody else heard anything li...

OT: A fun video
Ok, so the DC area has some messed up radio stations and this video is off an unmentioned's web page. Tough love!

As requested...

any ideas?
My crappy gun is a Victor II, im a very casual player, playing once every lik 3 months. I dont really feel lik gettin a new gun, so an any1 tell me wat i should get to upgrade it. I need a r...

J&J Ceramic: 14" to 12"
I got a 14" J&J Ceramic for my Spyder because the local stores did not have 12" barrels. Because I only need 8" to 10" (see other threads), would there be a noticeable benefit in accuracy in...

When I get back to work on Monday morning, my muscles are sore (I need to do stretching afterwards). The thing that really gets me is the clack-clack-clack of people typing on their keyboard...

PVC marker stand?
I saw a couple guys at a tournament this past weekend with their markers on some homemade PVC stands. Does anyone know of anywhere I could get my hands on plans for one of these? ...

Tippmann A-6 Cyclone Problem
I have a Tippmann A-5 and yesterday during play (at the end of the day luckily) my cyclone feeder stopped spinning when firing. I took it apart today and found that it was not catching too ...

Publicity of sorts
Last night my wife was flipping channels and happened to see paintball on MTV. So she called me in to have a look. Evidently, there's some sort of contest between the Road Rules cast and o...

I always have fun because I'm out of my mind!!!

Paintball marker ?
I'm searching for a marker for my 12 year old son. I took him for the first time this week and he is hooked. He is using his own (birthday) money so the cost has to be near the low end. I wa...

HPA Fills on Tank
Some guys do HPA fills with the tank still on their marker. Is that safe?

My Next Marker
Looking for my next marker, but having a tough time. I have a low-end Spyder (Victor II) with J&J ceramic barrel and 68/4500 HPA. I play mostly front/mid. My preference is for accuracy over ...

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