DM4 the record...
I took my DM4 out for the first real game of play today, and I am simply awestruck. I am speechless. The DM4 exceeds any description I could come up with. But I'll still try.

Chicago Open
Is anyone going to the PSP Chicago Open at the end of June?

For Sale - 98 Custom Pkg, DYE clothes, Timmy Parts
Tippmann Pneumatics Model 98 Custom - Gun is less than two months old, approximately 2.5 cases through gun in that time, not one ball break. Gun is in pefect condition and includes the follo...

Play on Memorial Day for FREE at EPS in North Branford Connecticut
For directions check out our site: We'll be open 10 am to 5 pm. Sup air and Xball.. Come check us out!

What Butt-Plug should I use?
I really like to get rammed in the ass really hard. For maximum prostate stimulation should I use something rubber, or teflon? 12" or 14"? I've also tried anal-ease which helps a little bit,...

Where's the best place to buy ...
... an Indian Creek BKO gun? Probably on the Web, but which site has the best prices? Thanks in advance. George

Battle Buffer / Barrel Buffer
On the field, I had been fairly successful blowing out broken balls by flipping and dry-firing my J&J Ceramic barrel. Between games I would use a pull through squeegee (stick ones were too a...

Although I probably will not go into lurking mode as I thought, I can act more civil. My apologies.

wanted line si parts
I am looking for parts to a old line si pump gun Dave t

What Cologne To Wear
What cologne should I wear on the field? I would especially like to hear from Grifter. LMFAOBTFGISAI

OT: Most of you nit-wits don't have a clue.
And here you thought it was going to be about paintball. Not this time. This time it is my personal little rant because in the morning I have to fly off to God-Forsaken India again and I e...

FS:Just out of the box 2002 WGP Autococker
I am selling a WGP 2002 Autococker with WGP drop forward/on off and WGP hinge frame. All in Black. This was new to me and we used it maybe 2 times. Still has the new sheen. Money ...

With Apologies To Tempest

This time around...
Surgery date is June 2, 2004. Seems Paintball will have to wait a few more months.

More homemade signs
Here's mine: There's a link at the bottom to make your own.

Niagara Tactical
I recently moved to Niagara Falls, Ontario, thus having to leave my home field. Are there people here that play at Niagara Tactical? If so, what are your experiences, and when can I join y...

Lurking Mode = On
Yep, you read that right, I will be slowly leaving this group, but lurking might be a better description. This will be a new record -- outgrowing a board in less than two months. I have come...

How Often Do You Play
In light of some other threads, how often do you play? I play at least once a week, more when I can. This is in addition to a wealth of other commitments. I wonder how many others have...

red/black pb's?
Does any1 know an online retailer selling paintballs with black casing and red fill? Ive been trying to get some for a while, but never found any, except the day I bought my gun.

Bootcamp in Northeast
Any bootcamps in the Northeast, similar to the Get Better Faster with IronMen ?

New video website? Someone just told me about this, haven't checked it out, but FYI, if you're interested... -- Jeff Goslin - MCSD - It's not ...

Padding in Jerseys
I guess the NPPL thinks my Dye C4 jersey is now illegal:

Eggs and Spilling
After watching a dozen or so DVDs of tournaments, I have noticed a pattern (that I have not noticed at my local field). Most of the players spilling their hopper's worth of paint are using E...

Paintball Tournaments
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 I am looking for a place that I can go to find paintball tournament schedules and information throughout the US or (for current...

the majors mama
If your mother is a bi***, doesn't that make you a Son-of-a-Bi***?

OT: movies tonight
So, my cable box blew a fuse this evening for some reason, and the cable guy is coming out tomorrow to replace it. We're looking for something to do, my wife suggests that we utilize our fi...

Newbie Question on protecting my wife's well... *cough* boobies *cough*
Thought the subject may catch your attention. And a hard as it would be to repond w/o a smartass comment - try :) this is acually serious as I am trying to hook my wife in this game. ...

Newbie Question on Paintballs
Guys - Thank you all for your responses earlier on my "Newbie question for the Spyder Imagine". I took lot of your suggestions and am still investigating on what I am going to get...

Poll: How about them French?
Ok, just to proove a point and see if "most" Americans dislike the French let's have a poll. I think that most of us here are American. Here we go: Do you dislike the French?

How often do you change your lens?
Like it says how often do you switch out your lens on your googles???

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