Anyone try the JT Headshield Goggles
Just wondering.... Saw them cheap at Walmart.

lil' help
anyone know where i can get the least expensive thermal mask? and a stright up and down elbow thing a ma jigger? connects the hopper to the gun. i have a stright up and down feed so what do ...

Newbie question on the Spyder Imagine
I may be new to paintball, but not to boards - so don't worry, this is not a "Which is the best gun for newbies" question. I know better than that. However, maybe you could answer a few ques...

FS: Custom Cocker w/N2
F/X Body with 45 degree milling and shaved sides Custom Purple (very light purple, with black and silver) Splash Anodizing (covers the bolt, front block, 45 frame, trigger shoe, body, &...

FS: Model 98 Package
Originally purchased 3 months ago for friends to use if they were so inclined to play paintball, and it's only been used twice. Package includes the following: - Smart Parts Teardrop ba...

I have a nuclear paintball gun !
Yes, everyone in a radius of 2 miles will be painted pink when I shoot with my big fucking gun !!! It's even better than my paintball-railgun!

anyone have spyder imagine? how do you like it?
--WebTV-Mail-115-5944 Content-Type: Text/Plain; Charset=US-ASCII Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7Bit im selling my chrome mag for cheap as dirt. only 2 cases of paint went ...

Is this a good tank? &rd=1 Saw this on ebay, its kind of cheap Are there any pro's or con's?

FA: on eBay......Automag w/RT LvL 10 bolt, Intellifeed.....more stuff...
This belonged to my son. He's doing High School tennis now and wants about 300000000000000.00 worth of racquets. sheesh hehe

(OT) The tides have turned!!!
For months now I've been trying to get right with God... my actions contradict that statement at times, but alas I have been praying and going to church, hoping that I would receive the bles...

FN Herstals new scenario gun.
Well actually it for riot control but it would sure beat hell out of Armotech. Just check out and look under the less lethal section.

Rochester police paintball RIT students
JFYI, The "pepper balls" they describe are paintballs filled with pepper spray. Cheers, Lee ...

2 Anti Siphon Questions....
I just ordered an 04 Autococker, and had a couple questions..... 1. If I used a remote line, would I still need to use an anti siphon tank? 2. Are tanks with the anti siph...

WarSensor WS66, A1, A2
Hello - I am considering the purchase of a WarSensor ( marker. I am looking for feedback on WarSensor models WS66, WS66 A1 and WS66 A2. It wou...

10A 36V CC/CV Anodizing Power Supply
Power Designs model 36100R 10 amps 36 volts Constant Current / Constant Voltage Perfect working order. Weight 40lbs Rackmount $140 shipped via UPS w/ insurance & track...

Fuego Paint
Anyone used this paint from Action Village?

Smoke grenades, anyone?
Hey guys, we have a lot of 3 minute fluorescent orange smoke canisters available. Pull ring ignition. These are nice and cool burning but you prolly no want one to go off in yer pants. We ha...

FA on eBay.....Pro Team Micromat RT w/Lvl 10 bolt hey guys......well the old bum knee had $21,000 dollars worth of surgery and unfortunately it's bye bye paintball for me....

At the risk of being flamed
I must say I saw the video of the Pennsylvania man Nick Berg being slowly decapitated. It's disgustingly amazing what you can find on the internet these days *shakes head and hits...

F/S: LP Max Flo System 88/45k
Howdy, Got a LP Max Flo Sys 88/45k, its been tested 10/03, it was made 11/99. Great condition. Also comes with a 90* microline connector. I searched online and someone had ...

Association de Paint-ball
Bonjour Une nouvelle Association de Paint-ball " Optimum-Paintball " dans le sud de la France entre Nmes et Montpellier A trs ...

SpraypPainting cordura
Greetings all... Bit of an odd question perhaps, and clearly a shot in the dark, but anyone have any experience spray painting cordura fabric? I need to get a small back-pac...

Spray paint and cordura...
Greetings all... Bit of an odd question perhaps, and clearly a shot in the dark, but anyone have any experience spray painting cordura fabric? I need to get a small back-pac...

My new A5.
Since it seemed impossible to to find any more Z-body mags at a reasonable price, I went and got an A5 off Ebay, for about $220, as opposed to $350+ at the local shops. I plan on putting a F...

FS: Mag RT
Automag Original RT - Serial RT00786 ANS Venturi Bolt ACI Gauge Taso Drop Dye 16" Boomy Splash Parts 14" Barrel Original Barrel included. I'm the second owner, but ...

Hillary Duff and CHristina Aguilera eating paintballs and spitting them all over each other

HPA - HP or LP for Spyder
I have a HP HPA for my Spyder Victor II. Is it possible to use a LP with that marker? Is the LP not enough for a low-end blowback design?

OT: Update to Cartman Pics
For those interested parties... A new picture, Cartman the 'Tard! Derrrr!!! (near bottom of page. No, not the last picture) ...

panther VTS;Indian Creek Design
any body familiar with ths marker? can't get it to recock when co2 is attached and sometimes co2 leaks out of barrel when bolt is forward I don't have a manual for it and when I go to ...

Fiber Wrapped HPA Question
This weekend while playing some paintball in the Black Hills (South Dakota) I had the pleasure of having a fairly large chunk or rock (roughly 4ft long x 2 ft wide, heavy) break off and gla...

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