Patch Update
The first batches of patches went out this morning. If you've paypalled me, your patch is en route. I've decided to leave them blank, rather than put the numbers on them; since s...

A New League
based mostly on Tyger's recent post about "Paintball Manufacturer promotes harmful Play" i have decided to propose to you, the readers of Rec.Sport.Paintball the following idea... ...

Paintball manufacturer promotes harmful play
Hi folks. One of the yahoo groups I subscribe to got spammed hard by a company who's selling paintballs. Ok, I expect that from a faceless company these days. At least it wasn't ...

It's here! It's here!
I know that markers vary widely but would anyone who currently owns an Impulse with a delrin bolt, and a standard Maxflo (not an LPR) care to advise me on a couple of issues: 1) T...

Need Player: 3-Man at Hogan's Alley
We are looking for a third member to play on a Rookie team at the 3-man tournament this Sunday (July 18) at Hogan's Alley (Meriden, CT). If interested, please contact me. Thanks! ...

Considering a Mag
Can anyone suggest a good Mag that will last a while and is upgradeable/modifyable

Anyone Have Thoughts on Action Markers???
Hey All, I an debating my first marker purchase, and I have been hearing a buzz, albeit a small one, about this company. I sent off for the free CD and it is seemingly impressive...

Somewhat OT...happy day lasik surgery for big habeeb
oh happy day dr. dello russo has unwisely agreed to extend a line of credit to me... By the end of august I will be playing paintball with no glasses, for the first time in my life...he...

New on eBay.
My Spyder, if any new guys are looking for one or if the old ones just wanna see it for once. :P 09&rd=1&ssPag...

ICS (Integrated Cocking System) info needed
hey...I did a quick google and wasn't able to turn anything up on this topic...the karnivors all have that uber-cool ICS system so there's no beaveratail and barely any backblock...anyone kn...

getting new mask
i'm getting a new mask for paintball and i need some cash. so i'm getting rid of a few things for cheap. i've got a spyder shutter for sale. i actually play with a shocker or ph...

Patch orders
If you're going to get a patch, please do so soon. As of today, I have a total of exactly 8 patch orders. Which means I'm going to have to eat about $450 in unused patch inventory. Which ...

does anybody in this forum actually play tournament??
if so,how long have u played,teams,markers,what level,stuff like that L8R btw WDP FOR EVER

looking for mask
hey, i'm looking for a new mask. i've been just going cheap with masks because i've been modding them, but now i'm trying to go low profile. i would prefer a v-force profiler. i love the ...

buying a marker online?
What is the best place to buy markers online? Are there any sites that compare different online retailers so I can see who has the best prices? Ben Fitts [email protected]

How was your weekend?
Hey...I have a novel Idea...what do you say this week we talk about.....paintball!! (Well at least MOST of the time...cause aside from the flamewars..the rest of you guys are pretty freakin'...

Help! I'm having trouble getting it off!
OK....I recently switched from CO2 to HPA. I have a Crossfire 68/3K. When I put the tank on, everything seems fine...threads on nice and easy. But at the end it the day that thing is a BITCH...

FS/T: Spyder Fenix, Spyder E-99, barrels, goggles, DYE, JT more.
Following items for sale or trade (trade list at bottom). Prepayment with money order, will gladly provide all positive feedback to prospective buyers. GUNS: Kingman Spyder E-99 A...

Keith Idema
The old timers will remember Idema Combat Systems vests, produced by Keith Idema, out of Fayetteville, NC. Keith was a force in paintball in the late 80's and early 90's, before runnin...

Adventure UK
If you are interested in LAN gaming with a view to some serious authentic military training and fun. Take a look at - Based in Dewsbury, West Yorks...

Ravi Chopra...
Well, looks like it officially expired recently, is down. Back in the day he 'twas the man.

Punks on parade
If you really want to know what's wrong with today's tourney scene, check out the interview wit Markus Nielson in the July issue of PGI. I don't care if this punk is a terrific player, anyo...

FS: Custom Cocker & N2 Package - Reduced Price
F/X Body with 45 degree milling and shaved sides Custom Purple (very light purple, with black and silver) Splash Anodizing (covers the bolt, front block, 45 frame, trigger shoe, body, &...

Bish-Bash No Splash
With a lot of the flaming taking a hiatus, things have gotten quiet. That, and the summer weather. See you at the field!

PayPatch... no, ah... PaypAL
Hiya. I am now Paypal equipped. If you are ready to place your patch order, email me at [email protected] make sure you get the "insig...

OT: Verbatim
As you know, Verbatim is an internet radio broadcast I take part in, from 9pm to 11pm EST, every wednesday night. This week's show will cover current events. Since we haven't been as ...

what is the difference?
I am fairly new to paintball (about 1 yr) and tiring to figure out the difference between x-ball,tourney ball, and speedball. I am sure there are major differences but I haven't to my knowle...

FS: NIB JT Chameleon Blue Proteus with Sportz Comm and xtra comm set
Manuf: JT Style: Proteus Thermal goggle system Color: Chameleon Blue This is the system set up with JT's Sportz Comm, new in unopened package. Also included is a new in package JT ...

FS: NIB Spyder Fenix with HPA, Egg, and Teardrop barrel
For sale - Spyder Fenix Package: Gun, Egg,HPA,Teardrop Manufacturer: Kingman - Fenix, new in box NRFB Color: Dust silver Condition: New in manuf. packaging Includes the following ...

Forum for SE Texas locals
We at Team Tidal Wave have decided to open up our forums to the public. We encourage all local paintballers to come by and register. Buy & sell your gear, find others to play with and discus...

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