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AD: Paintball 2Xtremes TV Show on Spike This Saturday
Paintball 2Xtremes Television Premieres This Saturday on Spike For Immediate Release The world's best paintball magazine is about to crank it up a notch with its very own weekly T...

television ?

Who still plays with old school cockers?
I'm wondering who here still plays wilh slider frame cockers. I recently got out of playing tourneyball and the intimidator is collecting dust. Decided to pick up a cocker and try to get pe...

Dwell? Why?
Ok, I'm starting to understand my Impulse a little better, but I'm still learning. There is a setting that can be made to the electronics for "Dwell" which according to the manual increas...

Electronic trigger for Spyder or Icon
I recently purchased an Icon E, although it has an electronic trigger with adjustable pull I find it is still lacking, and virtually impossible to walk it. It seems that the travel on the s...

Where can I get a cheap Chrono? I heard rumors of Walmart having them - but didn't see any. -----= Posted via Newsfeeds.Com, Uncensored Usenet News =----- http:...

Anyone using an offset sight rail?
Again, I'm just tinkering with my Piranha and since the vertical feed and the hopper get in the way of the offset sight rail, I thought, "maybe I should take my sight rail and mount it on ...

Tippman 98 Custom leak
I have a hissing sound comeing out of the barrel whenever my CO2 tank is attached. I think that it may be a bad O-ring somewhere. It's a stock weapom, no mods. I know that isn't very specifi...

paintball players in louisiana
where r the players from la.

I havent heard any mention of Skyball this year. Is it going ahead? Craig

To anyone in or around Georgia
Attention all people in or around Georgia: If you don't have anything going on on October 9th, come out and watch the NCPA tournament at Ultimate Paintball in Canton, GA. Here's a flyer w/...

thinking of opening a new paintballing site
I looking into opening a paintball site in the UK. I'd appreciate any advice etc that you people out there might have. thanks

Just Lost It I was outbid at the last second. I couldn't bring myself to pay that much for it anyway. Did the winner get a good...

Marker for sale.
$500 for my StingRay I'll throw in the hopper amd tank for free. Buyer pays shipping.

FS: NIB Tippmann A-5 R/T with HPA and SP barrel
For Sale Only ---------------------------------------------------> Item Description: Tippmann Pneumatics A-5 with Response Trigger Condition: Item new in sealed box....

Tankless paintball gun???
Just glups the air pressuizes it without a tank and shoots the balls....... get to it Tempest build it!!! LOL

Flatline barrel for the A5, is it worth it?
I know this question has been asked a buncha times, but I'm wondering if any new info has come up. I have a bone stock A5 and I'm looking to get more distance and accuracy without making my...

Whatever happened to those old barrels?
I was just thinking today about paintball back in the mid-90s, and I started to recall the old J&J hardchromes, old BOAs, and other barrels of that vintage. I remember a special J&J design ...

A5 tinkering
I've decided to tinker with my A5 a bit, and have a few ideas for it. The first, I want to put a bit of a supressor on my Flatline. I know there's no chance to get it 'silent', but anything...

Paintball Battalion Manual
Does anyone have the Paintball Light Infantry operation manual? The only place online that has one does not want to open when downloaded. I lost the older 1998 version in a HD crash, but...

Warp Feed
Anyone using the side-mounted Warp Feed system? I'm thinking about getting one for my Spyder. Any info would be great: your experiences, things you have read about it, etc. Thanks.

Hammer and valve spring mods.
Hey all, I'm sure you're all tired of me asking what works for modification to my Piranha but like I've said, I'm an engineer and if I can make the gun better, I will. So my qu...

Interested in learning about Paintball/Beginners Questions
Hello all, I found this newsgroup while looking for information on paintball. Playing paintball is something I have always be interested in trying out but have never gotten around...

More tournament sportsmanship
So a pal of mine saw this at the NPPL tournament in Vegas a week or two back. It's down to a two-on-one, so one guy pins his opponent and his team mate circles around, standard stuff. But ...

Can girls play too?
Or is this sport only for you manco guy types? It looks fun? Do a good number woman play? Or will I be the only one out there?

FT: Palmer PGP
Well, I'm not sure if there'll be any interest in this, but I'm thinking of getting back into tourney play, so here goes: 2k1 PGP Nickel Plated Barrel hone and polish po...

Just bought, what about border fees?
Just bought this on E-bay. Anyone who's bought from E-bay know what the shipping duties ...

Ravi's Paintball Page?
Hey... Does anyone know the url for Ravi's Paintball Page? I can't find it.. and neither can google or warpig.. I gotta time my cocker... 10 years with the gun.. and this is the f...

FS: Anyone interested in Loaner/Rental Guns Pt.2
Well, a previous buyer backed out and figured I'd offer here before ebaying. If anyone is looking for loanders/rentals, I've got the following mech. Spyders that would be perfectly suited fo...

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