Team Internet 2.0
I sent out another round of patches last week. Did all the new members get theirs in the mail?

Plumbers, but... WARNING: OT!!!!
Hey, I know there are a fair number of mechanical-minded folks on this group. Paintball seems to attract that sort. I'm wondering, does anyone on here know anything about refrigerator rep...

should I buy this gun
My friend wants to sell me his gun. Tell me if you think he is giving me a good deal Tippman 98 Custom Flatline Barrel Electronic Hopper full auto conversion kit from Psycho ...

T-68 Commando
[img][/img] Real Action Paintball, a top gun in scenario game merchandise situated in Santa Clara is thrilled to publicize the release of ...

doing a presentation on paintball for public speaking class
purpopse of presentation "to demonstrate how to do something" i wanna do the following: "how to play paintball safely" explain masks, barrel plugs/condoms, 20 foot rule, ...

M16 kit for tippmann 98 custom
i have a tippmann 98 custom you see and i'm looking for an M16 kit for it i could buy them seperatly, but that costs a lot unless if i can find them for cheap so i need help to fin...

Looking for Fenix ACS quick release pin
I lost the quick release pin for my Spyder Fenix ACS. Does anyone know where I could get a replacement part on line? I've done a few searches and have come up empty. Or maybe there is a...

[Scenario]TAW Paintball 24 Hour Scenario Event - Storms of Fate
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_0004_01C54918.1BD7AFD0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="US-ASCII" Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit <...


tippman effect falls to san diego aftermath ;-) my son plays for sd aftermath.....this took place in Orlando sat am...tippman has a very strong team also. 1 more game win and sd afterma...

Dear group members! I would like to tell you about my new website. It is dedicated entirely to Britney Spears and contains tons of high-quality images: Th...

pump kit
go here to get pump kit...sweet

Extra money for Paintball just by searching Google! Check it out!
Okay, how many of you use search engines? Probably everyone that reads this. Google just happens to be my favorite:) How would you like to make a little extra cash for paintball by usi...

Paintball On TV
Has anyone seen the Ultimate Arena Paintball series that is playing every Saturday on WGN? What do you think?

smartparts ION Gas
Hello can anyone tell me what size of gas bottle and type would be suitable for the Smart parts ION marker. Thanks, Justin. -- -----------------------------...

Well, Here it is..
I had this done this past xmas, finally took a pic Here is my Kill Bill matrix.

Pump Sniper
I know that since paintballs can't go very far that it's hard to have a real sniper but I am thinking about getting a good pump like a phantom and trying out the position of a sniper, or amb...

Glasses & Mask???
I know someone out there wears glasses and plays paintball. Just wondered which masks are better for those who wear glasses??

Put 98 Barrel on Spyder Marker
I goofed up and bought a 14" pmi razzor barrel for my marker. The problem is that my gun has threads for spyder type barrels. Do they make barrel adapters that will allow you to put a 98 ba...

paint .vs barrel size
=EF=BB=BFI have never really bought into the conventional =E2=80=9Cpaint to= barrel match=E2=80=9D theory, but I also haven=E2=80=99t given it much thought. Af= ter reading argume...

Wisdom shared
My wife sent me this today, thought I would share it with you. Country Wisdom 1... Life is simpler when you plow around the stump. 2...A bumble bee is fast...

NEEDED: dye reflex swing trigger frame
I am looking for a dye reflex swing trigger frame off a dye ultralite or a dye reflex cocker. All black or black to red would be great put I would consider any color

autococker features: what to buy?
I've been looking more into buying an autococker, mainly for the sake of having something to tinker with. I'm looking to get something that's used and preferably something cheaper but sti...

i need some advice should i buy the angel revolution?
i need some advice should i buy the angel revolution?

SunyJim's Paintball Club Season Opener - May 1st London Ontario
SunyJim's Paintball Club London Ontario is holding our season opener May 1st/05 We are a bushball owners group, and the game is free to play just bring everything you need, m...

What does upgrading my bolt do?
Can someone tell me why I would want to upgrade my bolt on my A-5 and my Zeus G2+ I never understood what it acheives. Also I want someones opinion that knows from experience not just w...

what the hell happened to this ng, all the fortune tellers, fags etc. nothing about paintball and like I always said this is a bunch of kids with no clue, no hair for some of you and you kno...

Warp feed
I have yet another question from the abyss that I call a mind. What makes the warp feed sold by AGD direct not work on other markers? This has been bothering me a while, especially if the di...

Tech help please! A-5 Respose Trigger?
Hi folks! I need to some ideas and advice please. My new Tippmann A-5 has a Response Trigger (factory installed) andi it does not work at all. Following the Troubleshooting Guide I t...

EDTHEWARD: question about the FuggLer
First off, let me say that I am sorry that I have to post from google groups(having problems with my normal server). Anyway, I had a couple of questions about the Assualt 80 by War Machine t...

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