ot spellchecker (tony's/)
Eye halve a spelling checker It came with my pea sea It plainly marques four my revue Miss steaks eye kin knot sea. Eye strike a key and type a word And weig...

Bob Long Defiant 2 in review
Bob Long Defiant 2 in review Andrew C. Syren Bob Long has made a huge name for himself in paintball and being nicknamed the Godfather of Paintball, he deserves every bit of respect ...

New nanotech coating eliminates fogging
Just saw this article posted on slashdot. Apparently the good folks at MIT have cooked up some coating made of polymers and bits of silica that eliminates fogging entirely. They say that i...

good nite guys....pleasant dreams..

someboody asked
hear is a site you can look at to see different shitsky...Jeff this is forbidden for you so don't look. tony sr. http://www.marksoutdoors.com/paint05.html

paintball shop in Trieste / Italy
Does anyone know is there any paintball shop in Trieste Italy or in Italy generally. Thanks

I think that French verb conjugation is as simple as, if not simpler than, that of English (no kidding!) - see www.sixpourcent.com
Dear friends, This is a message which some people may consider "a spam". But this is not my original idea. My intention is to share with you that French verb conjugation is as sim...

tiny CO2 cartridges
Anybody know how many shots you get out of those tiny CO2 cartridges for pistol markers? -- "I come here to combat the fraud and illusion of your conventional, instit...

Looking to buy (20) 90/4500 hp tanks
Nitro duck or Crossfire only. Anybody know where I can buy them? I've already tried Crossfire & Nitro duck directly but they don't have any in stock.

WTF??? only in vegas baby
this is unreal. you think rednecks shooting at a car is bad? check this out. who could beleive someoe would pay to do this? do ya think this will hurt the sport? http://www.klas-tv.com...

after liver transplant C:Documents and SettingsTonyMy DocumentsMy Picturesliver transplant 2 weeks old


1 year
most new players only play woods for about one year....then its all speedball....x-ball etc. I know most of you are going to tell me to shut my pie-hole but you will see. it's simply mo...

cost of handmade ghillie suit?
How much would a really good handmade ghillie suit cost for camoflauge in woods games? Not cheap commercial stuff made in china, but an authentic ghillie suit with good chaotic patters, natu...

for your halo loaders www.criticalpaintball.com

Something that made me shake my head
I happened to be flipping through the channels, Paintball 2 Extremes on OLN happened to be on, so what the hell, I watch for a few... They are panning across a display of merchandise, ...

Target gun
I just moved to a big city, and I'm stuck in an apartment complex for a year. :( I'm used to being able to go outside with my .22 to blast away for a couple hours, and I'm missing that. ...

Thinking about an Angel
I have been thinking about buying an Angel, mainly because I love their looks, but am a little stumped about which one to buy. For starters I don't have the coin for a G& or an 05 Speed but...

face mask/protector with most room for eyeglasses?
I need to buy my own face mask/protector as the one I used as part of rental at my first paintball experience last week was rather uncomfortable-- being that I need to wear eyeglasses. Anybo...

grenades, mines
I just disovered on the web there are paintball grenades, paintball mines. Geez are these really used in paintball games, and if so what type of games? (speedball? woods? war battle simulati...

After struggling with foreign exchange trading I have come to better understand the nuances, and the pitfall of exchange trading. It takes patience which I didn't have when I first started, but it has...

ot something is wrong
where in the hell is that 12 sandwich eating Jeff Goslin ? what is he making me do all these post for ? hell i like just reading what is said here.....come back Jeff,Jeff, Jeff...Jiffy ...

anyone looking for hpa tanks...these tanks are the best ones on the block...a FIREMANS 4500psi fill tank....get one used ...they last and give more fills...i had 4 of them and sold all 4. on...

ot...history lesson for today
Have a history teacher explain this----- if they can. Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846. John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946. Abraham Lincoln was e...

pro or
doesn't make much difference if your pro or rec player....woods or speed...it's all paintball and all of it is good...we all have fun and as long as you know your personal limits you will ha...

Can some one help me?
My tippmann 98 is acting wierd. I have a flatline on it and a stock. When I shoot the first time it works fine then the second time the paint ball goes like 4 feet and I have to recock it. I...

This is so funny that it will boggle your mind. And you will keep trying many more times to see if you can outsmart your foot, but you can't. 1. While sitting at your desk, lift your r...

hey guys why don't we all send Keely Watson an e-mail and let her know she is doing good job.

Making a real pb sniper
First off no this is not asking what paintball gun is a sniper. This is asking how could a marker be made that allowed it the superier ( not sure of spelling) accuracy and range of todays fi...

A5-Flatline question
I bought an A5 with a flatline for $100 (guy said he could get it to work after he took it apart, DUH put all the parts back in it correctly right) Anyways I was looking at the m...

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