for the noobs...
maybe, i never wore this stuff nor my son...but...

damm tourny players
BB and paintball guns found in high school By: Joseph Harvie, Staff Writer 09/29/2005 ...

radio controlled tanks
i was just reading a form on PB tanks and there are some really cool ones and some really wierd one too. but the oe that got my attention was a radio controlled one. it was made o the base o...

FA: Large Autococker Trilogy Competition lot
Comes with many extras:

for all you hardcore paint slinging freaks
i luv to play "war" in the woods. milsim kinda stuff is my interest. however, all of the sites i found that sell bazookas and cannons and stuff are really expensive. well, i found this site ...

i wonder why...
we've talked about the lug nuts that run around recklessly shooting paintball guns and damaging property/hurting people. we've read it in the papers and seen it on the news. we've recen...

17 year old loses an eye
Today, Sept., 26th, I was in my car alone in a plaza parking lot. I was pulled off to the side of one row when a lady pulls up beside me and signals for me to roll down my window. With o...

Looking for more players in Massachusetts
We have a weekly gathering of about 20 players. We are looking for more. Interested? Go to for more information.

JUST THOUGHT I WOULD LET YOU GUYS SEE SOMETHING DIFFERENT...YEE HAW....:-)East Coast Paintball's Duel To The Finish I By ECP Sep 27, 2005, 16:45 Email the e...

5 million hits
If you haven't been to you are missing out on 5 million monthly visitors worth of paintball discussions and action. Do you read The Times? www.Paintba...

A-5 Response Trigger problem/.question
I have been through several rounds of problem solving to try to get my reactive trigger to work consistently on my A-5. I finally had it working this past weekend, but it did not last long....

Selling my trilogy... in case anybody is interested...

something to scare off cats and squirrels
I have no interest in the sport but would like to by a gun with which I can scare off Squirrels and Cats that hang around our yard. I don't wish to harm the animals, just shoo them off so my...

I wonder why every owner i can think of is trying to put up speedball fields ?? must be some crazy thinkin...the ones who don't have it already or the ones who are trying to get one may be a...

i've lurked for a while in here and just recently began to take part in discussions, and over time i've seen bits and peices of conversations from various folks kinda sorts making the statem...

why didn't any of the tourny haters say anything about what i posted about SYRACUSE N.Y. maybe because that's ok with them as long as the 3 kids did not WIPE ;-)

website archive
I'm looking for an old website that doesn't exist anymore. Isn't there some sort of archive that stored old websites? Something like google does with newsgroups?

Best Paintball Forums / Sites...............................#PB932
Best Paintball Forums / Sites Active forums and quality websites Do you have an active forum or quality paintball site? Add your forum / site to our d...

these are
see guys these are the sort that really hurt this sport very badly...NOT the tourny player, the public could care less about wipe they never heard of it... SYRACUSE, N.Y. Nine peo...

my poor hurt feelings
}8-) okay not really. just read a reply post where tony made the statement "woodsballers don't contribute anything to the sprt". OUCH!! maybe there is nothing on OLN or ESPN or whatever...

we got 'em too
there has been so much discussion on cheating in speedball. i just wanted to say that we have our "fair" share of cheaters in the woods too. (pun intended). i've several times seen guys get ...

Paintball Police
I recently saw a documentary (hist. channel) on non-leathel law enforcment and one of the things they had was using paintball guns for riot controll by shooting hard balls filled with a powd...
First, props to Mike at County Paintball for his help and great service. I have not had an international order go through as smooth and as fast until now. Second, if anyone is i...

goggles on???
i say that because this will prob get the crap flying again }8-) just recently i was in a local pro shop which includes it's own fields (speedball). and i was talking with the owner asking q...

Icon E
Hello, I own an Icon E. I play search and destroy (maybe known by another name). I haven never played indoors or in a compound and have no desire to. My question is what mods are availab...

look group at this guys fresh out of hospital with liver transplant which takes 6 months to a year to recover if you live and also 66 yrs old to boot. wow what a per...

ot anybody home ?

it's the player...not the gun..that is what i am told ;-) just use a spyder or tippy piranha something, anything but don't get better gear...that is a waste of money...wear jeans and t shir...

what a bunch of sleepy heads...hell can't you guys stay awake, lol

Heck of a good price for new Cockers.
Check it out.;sid=3TuzT6Y98BWz1uUSTxNz56ybo_NPu0uGKwY=?ProductID=U32sFAY75LgAAAD61_...

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