upcoming big game in eastern NC
on jan. 14 (a saturday) longbranch paintball will be hosting a big game. i don't think there is a catchy title for the day (but i could be wrong). the field (woods ball) is locat...

hey but
the tourny player wiped, wow what a bad thing these tourny guys do....they should be like these azzholes that are ruining the name of paintball, ya know the noob and rec player who sucks in ...

Another (more important) CO2 bottle question
Just removed the pin valves from my two bottles, and I noticed something... The first bottle I heated gently to soften the thread locking adhesive, and it unscrewed *very* easily. I could ...

noobs again
City cops are looking for two men after a 12-year-old girl was shot in the forehead with a paintball as she waited for a bus after school Tuesday. ...

ho ho
the article even KNOWS the noobs and dats dat !! Signs tagged by paintballs BY JEFFREY GAUTREAUX, SUN STAFF WRITER Dec 11, 2005, 9:07 pm ...

Tuesday December 13, 2005 Paintball - A real first-person shooter by BRAD SMITH Picture this: You're behind an inflatable bunker. Paint is flying everywhere! Your...

Tippman A5 vs Custom Pro
Looking to pick up a sturdy marker. Trying to decide on the A5 vs the Custom Pro. Both would have the response trigger and cyclone feed. Any input either way? I can get either setup for $245...

Compatability question (Mongoose-Sypder)
Just a quick question; I know that the Mongoose markers are VERY similar (same threads, internals, etc...) to Spyder markers, and my question(s) are... 1. Would the Kingman ESP ro...

AD: For Sale - Rental/Loaner Package: 4 Mech. Spyders with tanks.
The following items are offered for sale only, no trades thank you. **Email responses get faster replies and first shot at items** Perfect for "loaners" or for rentals, these gun...

Broken remote with slide check
I was hooking up my remote to my CO2 tank when i noticed it was leaking. And not on the rubber tube part but on the slide check its slef is leaking air out spots where it is screwed in it. d...

Air America - MIA?!?!?!
Anyone know when Air America vanished? I went by their place to get my tank filled (no one else locally does 4.5k, only 3k) and the place is empty! Subsequent research indicates they sold ou...

The forum
Hey--just writing to let everyone know i just made a nwe forum dedicated to paintball (well, made a while ago) iPaintball Forums http://ifrogger.com/ipaintball.html

made ya look ;-) no kidding though....paintball has too many different guns and so many brands of all the things we use...seconds....thirds....goggles galore....paint galore...50+ brands of...

See you later dirtbags!
I'm off to Japan in the morning for 30 days of gettin some in the land of the rising sun. I sure hope RSP doesn't change TOO much in that time. ;P

Can you change the tippmann trigger?
I play speedball (go me) And I like light triggers and Tippmanns have a hard trigger pull are there any modification i can do to get a lighter trigger in there? I've seen a tippman...

CO2 cylinder question
Have a question about my CO2 cylinders... Today at the field, my marker suddenly sounded like there was no gas left (i.e. brief stutter then nothing). Cocked the marker, pulled the <...

Brand new Eclipse E2 Frames + Zero B PICS
Hello there everyone. We are an authorized Eclipse Distrubutor and I have available many Eclipse parts. All prices on items include USPS Priority mail shipping with delivery confi...

ION Trigger adjustment
What would any of you recommend as an adjustment to a stock trigger? Thx

Vents is back!
Anybody other than me have fond memories of Vents goggles? Well, they're back! ....er, sort of. http://www.warpig.com/paintball/technical/goggles/ventsavatar/ It sounds l...

hey where are all the post about how far will my tippman shoot if i use hpa ? or my spyder keeps breaking paint, what do you think ? my cocker is better than your nag snort hee haw... ;-)

tourny info
PSP announces format and pricing changes for 2006 By PSP Dec 6, 2005, 18:58 Email the editor Send to a friend Print friendly ...

yep yep
More | Subscribe | 14-Day Archives (Free) | Long-Term Archives (Paid) City man shot with paintball Tuesday, December 06, 2005 TRENTON - A 50-year-old city man was shot just above ...

Girl Shot at with Paintball Gun December 6, 2005 - Philadelphia police have arrested a 26-year-old man on charges he fired a paintball gun at a little girl. It happened during the...

ION Question
I have bought the locking feednecks for my son's ION's. My problem is I can't figure how to get the old ones off. I have tried just unscrewing them but it seems to tight like it may have a s...

The biggest indoor paintball site in Gent Belgium
Hello, Check this : http://www.paintballgent.be The biggest indoor paintball site in Gent Belgium Belgie Paintball Rules Paintball

Maximum speed of a paintball.
Hi everyone, I'm here at work doing what many workers do - surf the web! Anyways, there was a discussion here about paintball ( a lot of my coworkers play ). The question w...

Anti syphon tube question
Just have (another) question... When installing an anti-syphon tube, does the tip of the tube reach (with the tube curved up of course): 1. Just where the bottle starts cur...

CO2 Filling question
Just have a bit of a quick question. I as showing a friend how to fill a CO2 tank, and he asked me why it has to be drained first. Having never really thought about it (i.e. just accepting...

NEW A-5 w/E-grip just listed on EBay

NEW A-5 w/ E-grip just listed on Ebay
Please check it out! Item no.7202406743

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