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Well, its that time... Time for one last post before THe computer is packed for the move... Don't know how long I'll be gone, But....... See ya when I get back.... BTW, Ya'll pro...

about time

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paintball tank
I just sent off a long description of one of the techniques I'm using to build my new tank to another group, and realized you guys haven't seen any pictures for a while. So, I copied it belo...

Cocker question
If I replace the hoses on my lads Cocker, do I really need to put the brass top hats over the pipe where they push on or are they ok with out. -- Nobby Never let the ...

soupy sales
We at Kingman Group, known throughout the world for introducing the best selling Spyder paintball markers, are focusing all of our research and development ....on what ? 3 guesses and the fi...

Skins Newsletter before it gets mailed...
I have an inside source at ISAS. He passed the link on to me before it gets mailed. Have fun and go easy on their bandwidth...I don't want to get cut off!!

not of this topic
Good Question -- Better Answer! Can a good Muslim be a good American? I sent that question to a friend who worked in Saudi Arabia for 20 years. The following is his reply: ...

all of us know that a paintball sniper is not the movie sniper we all picture in our minds. but they are real and some are pretty good too. this weekend we played in a scenerio game that onl...

My paintball site....
Hello everyone I am owner of and I was just curious what all of you think of my site? Also, a lot of the products are being updated I am about to add a line ...

Extremely OT...
But I thought it was pretty funny... Toddler + Hatebreed...

I got some stuff for sale
I'm selling a bunch of stuff on ebay if anyone here is interested. Only Tree-fity! Flex 8 Camo mask

send a e mail to these guys

4 of our team went to a local scenerio game. we knew about what we were going into but, a couple surprises meet us there. as some of you now (those who play scenerios) rules vary from place ...

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Proto barrel
My dad has just paid for a 12" 1 piece proto barrel for an autococker that cost about 11=$20 which he understands is a fairly accurate barrel. Can anyone tell me if you can screw a freak...

OT/ gas prices
about 20 minutes from my home in greenville nc a new gas station started a tidal wave of excitement by dropping the price of gas to... wait for it ... a $1.99 per gallon. just last week befo...

is it possible...?
we've begun expanding our woods course and now one of our boudaries will be the river. being the mil-sim junkies we are, we joked about playing "navy seal". sneaking in the water and come up...

long gone

Need tips for Pbing..
I'm alright at paintball and but the most difficult thing for me is finding out where the enemies are. I mean I scan the bunker but I seem to miss them and then they shoot me. It's been diff...

off topic
CHEAP LABOR? Isn't that what the whole immigration issue is about? Business doesn't want to pay a decent wage Consumers don't want expensive produce Government wi... offline?
Anybody know if has moved, or if the board hosting them is just really fragged? It's been down for a couple weeks already... Big Habeeb (a.k.a. Mitch) Co...

$10,000 Skins Paintball in Virginia?
I heard there was a new Paintball league called "Skins" or ISAS? Something like that? I found this ...was wondering if anybody has more information on...

Question: Best loader for a Blazer?
Thanks. Open to any ideas.

Taking Orders
I'm headed back to Japan in a couple of weeks so I'm taking orders. Japanese high school girl's panties. Guaranteed authentic and guaranteed used. Tree-fitty + shippin...

anybody here ?

Bad publicity
That issue was on the news the other day about paintball is training terrorists, and is a bad sport to follow and take part in. I tell you what....YOU SHAG ONE FUCKING SHEEP....and th...

Feed Necks
I figure try and set a certain subject line up since it is a part on the marker. I have a feed neck that is clear plastic and two thumb screws at both ends for clamping but it has a ...

information only
2006 NPPL Commander's Cup Confirmed in the OC, October 20th - 22nd The National Professional Paintball League (NPPL) and Pure Promotions are pleased to announce the NPPL Co...

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