yes when i played on Sunday in my new tourny outfit...wow...i shot so many cammo guys...they are so easy to see and shoot...my spray and pray gun is so cool...yellow barrel and all ! of...

Gunner boasts of negro and spic girlfriends
Whattttttta piece of shit! (A Whiteman who runs with jigs would sniff skidmarks for fun!) ted

Which would you do, and why
One of the fields where I play is doing double scenario games throughout the year. They will hold a regular scenario game one weekend, followed by the very same scenario with limited paint...

Paintball Online Community/Jamoja.com
Hi, I have come across a nice new website for all Paintball lovers. www.jamoja.com. Its a brand new site. The site has only been up for 3 weeks. The great thing is that you can upload and ...

newbie to this group...lens +gun question
ok guys so i'm new to this group, and i'm looking at buying my second gun (my first one broke, and it was a cheap one, so not worth the repairs), so now i'm looking at getting a tippman 98...

getting of camo paint ?
The previous owner of one of my pro-lites has painted or primered this gun with the brownish camo paint . How do I get this all removed ? I don't want to mess up the bluing on the barrel. ...

Camouflage boonie hat + face veil?
I am trying to find out where you can buy "ready made" Boonie Hats + face veils. I am leaning towards Realtree Camouflage. I want this to camouflage a Paintball Mask, and the veil needs to...

Could this be Jeff Goslin?
See fat player. http://www.frappr.com/? a=photo&gid=323808&pid=2640209&src=flash_slideticker

My new scenario
OK guys, I'm starting to get a little info published about the scenario I'm going to run with my new equipment. I've decided to hold 2 events this year. The first one will be in June, and I'...

Paintball history
http://www.ody.ca/~cwells/history.htm Vintage marker info. I really expect Jeff to have some info and pics to update their data base, although it is quiet large already ...

What lubricant
Is it necessary to use a grease type of lubricant like a DYE slick lube or Cinnamon butter lubricant or can I use norman marker oil like I use in my Spyder?

Before Dm's
Anyone here know what was before the DM Matrix markers or if DYE bought out another company, like the Bud Orr.....WGP kind of thing? Do any of you have any Web sites with info, picture...

i'm still here.....although I don't know why....
anybody wanna chum up on myspace? that way we can annoy each other in an all new way! http://www.myspace.com/edtheward

Digital Camouflage advice please?
After pouring over numerous photos of Paintball Skirmish fields in my area (which I can email), I have been trying to find a suitable camouflage for the Semi-Arid Mediterranean terrain. The ...

Eye Injuries
Hi, this has been on my mind for sometime now, and I wanted to ask you all a few questions. I have read an article at Eye Injuries http://medical-health-care-information.com/encyclopedia/E/...

Barrel for X-7 A-5
Hi I need universal barrel to replace stock one. Forests and buildings. Maybe I'll buy flatline in future, but for now my bet is on JJ Ceramic 14 inch. What do you think?

spyder mr1?
i have heard about spyder mr1 and i was thinking about gettin one... does anyone recommend?

hey a bad ass Ironmen DM6 $800 with virtue board and this is red to black....Marcello's ;-)

If you r board have a flick through my picture site

Barrel comparison for Bushball: CMI Thunderpig vs Dye Excel
CMI Thunder Pig vs Dye Excel on a Tip98Pro, un-modified - Both are 12" long - The Thunder Pig claims accuracy because of straight rifling - The Dye Excel claims accuracy because o...

It's a Girl. Again.
Saya Marie Greening. 6 lb 12oz @ 1:46pm on Friday the 19th. How's that for useless trivia? :)

Hey Mo! Are you settled in yet? Seen any ice lately? :) I just realized we're close enough to work on a project together. I've got something planned for next fall that I could us...

Matrix LCD
Just been offered an LCD Matrix with the following spec..... Stock bolt kit with, mini rocket LPR,CP inline reg, tadao v1 with ramping, eyes, o4 matrix trigger frame, cp roller trigger...

Matrix LCD
Just been offered an LCD Matrix with the following spec..... Stock bolt kit with, mini rocket LPR,CP inline reg, tadao v1 with ramping, eyes, o4 matrix trigger frame, cp roller trigger...

Best way to store HP tanks!?
Any suggestions on what is the best way to store HP tanks in the offseason, fully pressurized or half or what!? Thanks y'all. Niho

high school
hey click on this to take a quick and easy test to see if your still as cool as you once thought you were.... http://www.sailinganarchy.com/general/2002/cool_test.htm

fan club
http://groups.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=groups.groupProfile&groupID=103029050&MyToken=decfdc73-5ea0-4070-aafc-f2d1964fbcde I hope this works..i like it of course.

Angel 04,05
Any of you used an Angel speed 04, 05 or LCD??? Do they rip OK? Do you need to run them on a bottle with a low pressure output? Do and of them have eyes? Ho...

My old website....FOUND!
I fired up Old Dog today (my oldest still living computer) and low and behold I found a backup of my old paintball website. It doesn't seem to be the latest version of what I had bu...

Diabled Tank
http://www.funnyjunk.com/funny_pictures/1581/Wheelchair+Tank/ -- Nobby Never let the bastards grind you down... Think positive and get even!!!

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