Finally done my marker
After 1 and bit months of totally stripping, priming baking and several layers of top coats of spray and bakes, I finally finished my Trix. I had to make a new drop to get the weight right...

its all over
bye-bye news group i knew it would die...... :-(

anyone here?
WAKE UP!!!!!!!! where's everyone at? let's talk some paintball stuff.

anyone tried...?
the new x-7 from tippman? our team captain just got one. it looks and feels pretty good. haven't shot it yet. it's about the same weight and size. in my opinion, it's basically a "hoped up" ...

The two videos I've made
Here is the links to the video's that I made at the weekend. Give us an idea how well or bad I've done as it was the first time I've done any editing and put music and writing to work done ...

Yesterdays paintball
Turned up to do the Video and photo's yesterday for our local site. It's quite a surprise how muck and how fast paint is shot when you stand back and film. Any way here's the link to the...

This is Bad
I have been gone for 10 days and come back with nothing really happening. A little squabbling and some spam but other than that not much. What a shame. Jeff have they released y...

Buyer/Seller Beware! A Personal eBay Experience.
Here is a personal experience I'd like to share with those experienced eBay members here. That is, if any of you are. I'll do my best to shorten the story.... About 3 weeks...

Part finished Matrix Rasta
Just waiting for some barrels to arrive and make a drop for the tank. I'm a bit unsure whether to get some more sticky grips as I'm really sure what colour to have, or whether to add clear ...

Web page update/tank pictures
Hey guys. I finally got around to doing a little updating on my website. Don't get too excited, it's still pretty boring. I shortened the annoying music on the first page. Now, it only...

for you old timers and team players.
our team is reforming. becoming a tight knit group of pretty good (if i do say so mself) paintballers. we are begining to travel a bit more doing scenerio games. we've won awards at two of t...

anyone near...?
anyone around the fayetteville north carolina area? on may 5th there is a game at black river (scenerio). our team has gone to 3 so far and although not the very best place you'll ever play ...

A few things on ebay
I have a couple paintball items on auction at ebay if anyones interested. A JT Proflex mask used.

Free shipping at
We are giving free shipping to all members that spend at least $99 this even includes paintballs. Come check us out <a href="">http://www.pnt...

OT: Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!! Ya' bunch of asshats!! -- Volt I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered. My life is my own. ...

People Who Annoy You
Solve the puzzle below. This is per a 'South Park' episode. Very funny and if you haven't seen it, it's not what you think. N_GGERS

My new project, Bob Marley
Basically the Dye Matrix I have is black and blue, very boring and an ugly Betty. I have now decided to pull the whole marker to pieces and strip all the anodising of the body, fr...

Do it yourself Antifog?
I am looking to make a cost-effective do-it-yourself Antifog. It's for use with Swimming Goggles and Paintball Masks. If a different "brew" is required for each type of goggle mentioned, so ...

anybody want a pony? LMAO some guy is offering to trade a pony for a paintball gun

Field/shop compressor Spam
Pardon for the spam, but I have been getting a few questions and thought I would post this for the business owners and wannabe business owners. If you are starting a new field or shop...

Old Parts
Just out of curiousity, does anyone have any non-working Paintball electronics? By this I mean any electro trigger boards, or hoppers etc. that dont work, and is not just the battery.... T...

Proof that American women are worthless
"Worthless" would not be the right word. Evil, insane, bitches... pretty much any negative word you can come up with describes all American women. Yes, that even means the woman YOU'RE mar...

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