Picture Link to my Paintball Photo Gallery College boys in Connecticut
My name is Eric ,I am 20 years old , I have over 34 members ages 18-22 year of age, all college guys that luv to paintball wars. I put together my photo gallery of us playing painball war. <...

srs 33 formula 4
LAUGH A LITTLE EVERY DAY.... SPECIAL POEM FOR SENIOR CITIZENS!! A row of bottles on my shelf Caused me to analyze myself. One yellow pill I have to pop Goes to my ...

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O-Ring Sizes
Is there any catalogue in existence where I can look up the O-Ring dimensions for a particular gun (Inside diameter, outside diameter, thickness)? All the manufacturer literature for my g...

"big?" Paintball game, June 9 (probably) around Denver
Okay It's been a while since my last game of paintballing, so this is pretty exciting for me =D So, I gathered up a lot of people from school who are saying that they can go, or pr...

Police to use paintball guns for fan clashes (Reuters via Yahoo! News)
Greek police on Monday said they would fire paintball pellets containing different colours to identify any rioting fans during Wednesday's Champions League final between Liverpool and AC Milan. ...

Sad day in Muddville
Back in the states again unfortunately and the jet lag is trying hard to kick my butt, but since I've got considerable butt to kick I think I'm going to win. I love the states and would n...

Scenerio Game
Hi Guys, For those of you that are close(er) to Houston Texas, Heres the info on a scenario game I just recieved info on via email. I know some of you probably recieved it as well, ...

98 custom act mod question
So i have a 98 custom act and was wandering if i can put a cyclone feed w/vortex mod and a rt trigger on it without having to drill into the bodyframe it is all one piece. and if there are a...

Some of the best cheap paint I have tried
Diablo Formula 13 Diablo Scorched Diablo Nightmare Special Ops I don't look for the best internet paint anymore as delivery gets it damaged and screw the white box's un...

Buying new marker - analysis paralysis
Well - I've been using a Tippmann 98, slightly customized for 7 years now, although I'm a VERY casual player, hence you can't really say that I'm a very experienced player, especially when...

Be back in 9 months :))
In 2 days I'll start my duty in Polish Air Force Training Center. Usually for that time I'll be out of net. I'll miss my Spyder much, and that group of course too ;) Take Care! <...

ZAP Spank
What do you think about that balls? I have good deal on 8000 (16x500). Will be (?) used on semi-auto Spyders and Piranhas. TIA Luke "Snake" Michalski

movie "gun"
i watched SCHOOL FOR SCOUNDRELS today and thought the paintball part of the movie was very funny. although the actual playing of the game with NO MASKS...!!! drove me crazy. looked like they...

Cheap wireless pyrotechnic system
I've had interest from 2 paintballers over the use of this system on paintball ranges to set off various paintball pyrotechnic charges / smoke effects etc, so I thought I'd let other players...

What they call "eyes"? I have no idea what kinda upgrade is it. I saw it once on polish forum. TIA Luke "Snake" Michalski

ot wake up
WOW, WHAT A WAKEUP! Dear God: Why didn't you save the school children at ?. ..... Feb. 2, 1996, Moses Lake, Wash. Feb. 19, 199...

so now is it possible to upgrade a 9v revolution hopper with a) new impeller b) something to make it faster from the reviews ive read it is what i can use to stop chopping ball in a

Operation Paintball Island
This is why you should own a RAM paintball gun (otherwise known as a Rap4). I just wish I had the time and the extra cash for this event. After all, I am still keeping my RAM M4/A2 and the ...

[idea] Scenario "Landing Zone"
My idea of paintball scenario. Name: Landing Zone Players: 6+ - Defenders - Attackers Needed: - Smoke granades or flares etc. (4+) - Watches (for def and att) ...

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