29 Oct 2005 04:43:44
Tony Sr.
nice, but ask doug how much our

sport is dying...o well the guys with 15 mill just don't understand ;-)
HeadRush begins 15 Million Dollar Expansion
By HeadRush
Oct 27, 2005, 12:38

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HeadRush, Inc. is starting construction on phase II of its Action
Sports Park in Syracuse, NY. Currently HeadRush is known for having the
largest indoor paintball field in New York built from the ground up
specifically for paintball, in addition to outdoor paintball fields and
outdoor BMX racing.

The 15 million dollar expansion starting next week will be the largest
investment by a paintball field/store in the history of the sport. The
existing 31,000 square foot indoor paintball building will receive an
upgrade of the paintball fields, an arcade, a full kitchen and a 12,500
square foot addition that will include an indoor skatepark. The retail store
will also be expanded with more paintball merchandise and also full lines of
skateboard, BMX, snowboard, and apparel lines from action sport industry

An additional 50,000 square foot building will house an indoor
supercross facility and also a full franchised retail outlet for bikes,
atvs, jet skis and more. The facility will also provide an outdoor
motocross track for racing during the summer months.

The 87-room

Wingate hotel includes an indoor swimming pool, fitness center and
conference facilities for big events held at the park like the New York Cup.
The hotel will add a great amount of convenience for traveling teams and for
players attending large events at the park.

"Because of HeadRush's success in the paintball market we are now able
to expand our current Syracuse facility to include other attractions and
lodging that will help introduce more people to paintball. We are very
proud that HeadRush is making the largest investment of any field or store
in the history of the sport and our goal is to continue growing the great
sport of paintball" states Jacob Wright, CEO of HeadRush.

Construction begins next week on Phase II, and will be completed in
the spring/summer of 2006. The final "phase III" drawings and contracts are
currently being finalized and you can expect to see the news on this HUGE
final build-out in the next 90 days.

For more information on HeadRush, please visit www.headrush.com ,
contact the store at 315-453-RUSH or e-mail [email protected]

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