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Procaps announces 5 new warehouse locations and support staff
By Procaps
Oct 28, 2005, 08:43

Procaps LP, makers of the DraXxuST and XBallT paintballs and VForceT
masks, proudly announces the official launch of Procaps DirectT, the new
wholesale-only nationwide distribution network. Serving Paintball GameFields
and retailers from coast to coast, the 100% factory-owned Procaps Direct
facilities are now being stocked with the newly designed boxes of
factory-fresh DraXxuS and XBall paintballs and VForce Vision SystemsT masks.
The factory-owned connection enables Procaps to directly manage inventory
levels, control storage climates and product freshness, and to stay at the
forefront of the industry's best pricing. Through Procaps Direct, the
factory can employ its own Customer Service policies, staff, and above all,
be in direct contact with the Dealers and once again hear their undistorted
feedback in order to more rapidly respond to Dealer needs.

Procaps Direct is rapidly adding a complete line of carefully chosen,
well-made paintball markers and accessories to fulfill Dealer demand for the
most recognized brands in paintball. Announcements will be forthcoming as
each new product line arrives in stock.

Heading up the new wholesale distribution powerhouse will be the
widely respected Mike Peverill, founder of the famous Pev's chain of fields
and stores. Mike has literally walked a million miles in the Dealers' shoes,
and his long-term experience as a game field operator and retail store
entrepreneur give him a comprehensive understanding of the Customer's wants
and needs from a first-hand perspective.

Mike's right hand man as VP of Operations will be Paul Sattler, whose
role as an original partner and CFO in Procaps' original wholesale-only
distribution operation provided him with the needed hands on knowledge of
Paintball's demanding wholesale distribution landscape. Paul's previous
experience as a partner of the Cousin's store and field network brings him a
similar Dealer's viewpoint from his many years of experience in GameField
and Retailer operations.

Experienced Sales & Customer Service Reps have been appointed to
service accounts by region:

North East Pete Montero
[email protected] 631.580.4377

South East, Mid West Frank Connell
[email protected] 321.302.8713

South West Jed Allsup
[email protected] 972-579-0400

West Coast Davey Williamson
[email protected] 909.390.6191

North West Rob Leary
[email protected] 630.628.8075

Mid Atlantic, South Steve Rabackoff
[email protected] 703.257.9887

Customer Service Warehouse locations include:
Mid Atlantic Region: Washington D.C. - Procaps Direct Headquarters
Gainesville, Virginia
President: Mike Peverill
Tel: 703.257.9887

Midwest Region: Chicago
Addison, Illinois
Midwest Regional Manager: Scott Grunewald

Tel: 630.628.8075

West Coast Region: Los Angeles

Ontario, California
Facility Manager: Matt Schuster
Tel: 909.390.6191

South West Region: Dallas
Irving, Texas
Regional Sales Manager: Jed Allsup
Phone 972-579-0400

FAX 972-579-0047

North East Region: New York
Deer Park, NY
VP Operations: Paul Sattler

Tel: 631.580.4377

NEW ACCOUNTS - Storefront Retailers and qualified Game Fields: To
apply for wholesale accounts,
contact: Joey Decaire - Toll-Free: 1 866 688 8880 Fax: 514 337
5209 Email: [email protected]

NEW WEBSITES: www.DraXxuS.com , www.VForcePaintball.com ,

Procaps is committed to making your customers' paintball experience
the best it can be: For the love of the game!
Procaps, L.P., is a Montreal based International manufacturer and
marketer of high quality branded and private label (OEM) paintballs and
mask/goggle systems. The names s Direct, DraXxuS, XBall, and VForce Vision
Systems are trademarks of Procaps L.P. Procaps, L.P., 6000 Kieran, Ville St.
Laurent, Quebec, Canada H4S 2B5 Tel 514.337.1779