23 Sep 2003 00:44:44
polishing internals

I've been spending some time learning the ins and outs of this tippmann a5
-- it's been fun.

So i did some light polishing and generally cleaning the internals -- My
local hardware store guy set me up with this 'Never-Dull Magic Wadding
Polish' stuff. It's pretty killer -- made for cleaning all metals --
especially mag or chrome wheels n stuff.

If you want really clean internals give it a try -- it's like 3 bucks for
an endless amount.

Now i've got the internals really clean the action is just that much more
solid. i'm diging this gun

-- now i gotta learn how to dodge freaking paintballs. Last weekend i got
hit with 2 extremely lucky shots -- man out in no time. Otherwise did OK
but those annoyed bigtime :)

24 Sep 2003 02:47:09
Ken Majors
Re: polishing internals

The infamous "golden BB". Enough paint flyin around and eventually one will
hit you.
It was just your turn...Enjoy that Tippy, I know I love mine.